About Me

As owner of Healthy Thyme Cooking, Marcella provides the following personal chef services based on a health supportive approach comprising of immune boosting meals tailored for an individual's specific needs, consulting in food education, nutrition, meal planning, kitchen pantry makeover, cooking lessons and coaching on mind body eating.

Marcella graduated from Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in NYC. Natural Gourmet Institute was founded by the late Dr. Annemarie Colbin, a leading figure in the natural foods and holistic field.  As an accredited and health supportive culinary school, the curriculum is premised on a holistic approach to food, health and healing.

The knowledge of medicinal cooking for disease(s), plant based diet,  eastern medicine, ayurveda, and macrobiotics have been resourceful in helping people to nourish and embark on a journey of mindful eating.

Certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach, The Institute For The Psychology of Eating is the world's leading school in Nutritional Psychology. Founded and taught by Marc David, an expert in eating psychology, nutrition and best-selling author of Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet.

Embracing a Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology approach, individuals will be guided with weight loss, body image, eating challenges including binge, compulsive and over eating, anxiety, stress, digestion and immunity.

Marcella is pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Original Medicine. The course of study includes naturopathy, nutrition, botanical medicine, and related natural health systems that can be implemented along with food, the foundation of our wellbeing.

Natural Gourmet Institute

Eating Psychology Coach

International Institute of Original Medicine